Why hire a Planner ?

It can sometime be daunting to hand over control of your big day to someone else, but a great planner is there to assist you and make event planning easier. They will assist you to:

1. Save Money- Planners know a wide range of suppliers and can negotiate deals within your budget. Planners can sometimes save you the equivalent or surplus of their fees

2. Save Time- Your planner will attend the meetings with your suppliers so you can carry on with your day-to-day activities and save priceless hours.

3. Get a Great Looking Event- Planners know what makes a great event, not only in looks but atmosphere. We know which colours emit certain moods and ideas; and how to best use the venue angles to enhance your event.

4. Get the Perfect Venue- Planners have seen a wide range of venues across the UK and like us, worldwide. Planners will match you with the best venue for your needs, whether you require a conventional venue or a more unique/ vintage option.

5. Reduce your stress load- Planners work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure your event goes smoothly. They do everything get the job done well and so all you have to do is enjoy your event.

If you require any assistance with your event or you have a query, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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